so this is me…

beauty? I guess that’s me, but really only for creative name purposes. the butcher? that’s my handsome real life butcher hubby. together we live in a little town in central florida. I have decided to start blogging about our life. this will mainly include my love of cooking, fashion (plus size fashion mind you, big girls gotta dress too! sort of appropriate how plus size came after cooking…anyway back to the blog) crafts (I LEEERRRRVE glitter and make greeting cards & wedding invites check out, interior design, and all things mid century. heres some things you should know about me; 1. I don’t always use proper spelling, punctuation, or grammar. I try, but it doesn’t always happen. and I don’t like capital letters, maybe its due to an early love of e.e. Cummings? anyway, get over it. b) I have two beautiful little nieces named mahal and Geneva who you will likely see lots of pictures of as well as our adorable pygmy lab (not really but shes a really tiny full grown black lab that was a rescue so when people ask what she is we say pygmy lab, its more fun than the real story) named raven. 3. I tend to start things and not finish them. this is something I do not like about myself and I’m working on it so hopefully this blog will be a good outlet for me to work on accountability, if anyone out there even really cares. guess we’ll have to wait and see….

yours truly

yours truly


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