diy mid century coffee table


our latest project and this one my hubby really took the lead on I just came up with the idea! it was so inexpensive, SO easy, and truly one of a kind!
from Lowe’s I purchased…

1 piece of pre-cut 20×45 wood
1 small can of walnut stain with polyurethane mixed together
1 paintbrush
4 angle top plates (make sure they are angled, that’s very important to get the right look) they look like…. this
and 4 metal hairpin or wooden taper legs (I bought mine on ebay they are real vintage legs from the 50’s) but you can find new ones… here
you’ll also need a drill, sandpaper, and measuring tape.

sand your table and prepare stain according to package directions. apply stain to table and legs. I did two coats on the table and one on the legs. let dry according to directions. turn the table over and measure for the leg placement to be centered on all 4 corners. screw legs into table. turn it over. take your hand and reach around to your back, all the way, you can do it. now pat yourself on the back and prop your feet up on the table, maybe even with a cocktail. just don’t forget to use a coaster!


8 thoughts on “diy mid century coffee table

  1. Ok…. can’t figure out how to contact you, so feel free to email me and I’ll happily send you a picture. 🙂

  2. Hi! I did the same table but it is very unstable..I believe that the legs need to be attached better to the table, either by using a tensor or just wood attached to each two legs.. Any ideas? Did you have the same problem??

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