I am my father’s daughter!

so my dad, don, is a major trekkie. (Primarily The Next Generation) not only were we actually made to leave the room as kids if it was on and we were being too loud but he even looks like Q (if you dont know who that is then a.you should be ashamed and b.its ok, its really not important to the story) I’ve even been to numerous star trek conventions over the years and met several characters. so my entire life it’s impossible to watch anything without dad piping up (even if you’re in the movie theatre and he “whispers” it which isn’t so much a whisper as it a quiet shout) and saying….”HEY, THEY WERE ON STAR TREK!” Apparently at some point, almost every actor has made some appearance on one of the series and a man, whom if you asked what he had for breakfast would likely be unable to tell you, remembers each and every one! It never fails no matter what we’re watching he always points someone out and he’s never wrong! Well, last night I was watching a show on Netflix and the woman who played the mother looked so familiar to me. As I watched her I kept trying to place what I had seen her in (this is usually something I’m quite good at…let me just..rrreach around and pat my back…ok back to the story) and I just couldn’t think of anything. So I went to good ol’ trusty IMDB. I found her name and as I’m scrolling through her filmography I’m getting further and further back in time and I’m still not seeing what I know her from. And then suddenly, I see it; from 1991-1994 she played Ensign Ro Laren on none other than….Star Trek!!! I recognized this woman from her role on Star Trek 22 years later! Not only did this make me feel old but as I said to myself, “hey they were on Star Trek”, I realized I truly am my father’s daughter!


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