pignoli…tastes better than its spelled

you know when you’re a kid and a friend, family member, or even your parents return from a trip and all you can think (ok let’s be honest…you usually said it, discretion and tact are not gifts bestowed upon children) is, “what did you bring me?!” Well I’m no longer a kid, but when my husband’s aunt returned from a trip to Long Island yesterday, that’s all I could think. And she did, in fact, bring me something. Not only did she get me a beautiful pashmina but best of all, (not to under play the pashmina it really was nice but I can’t EAT it!) the greatest souvenir I have ever received (other than a conch shell in a green velvet bag with a love note rolled up inside from my secret admirer Derik Comali in 3rd grade from his trip to Disney world…another time perhaps)….PIGNOLI COOKIES!!! And not just any pignolis but the ones from the one and only A&G Italian bakery off Deer Park Avenue. It was a Sunday and there were about 6 hairy Italian men trying to dip bread into the sauce as it cooked on the stove and so I quickly smuggled them into the car because I was NOT sharing. In fact, I’m eating one right now. I guess you really are always a kid at heart. Now I just need to google “can you freeze a pignoli cookie?” so I don’t have to eat them all while they’re fresh….





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