trash to treasure


found this old dresser at a yard sale for $15. the faux bamboo look was super popular in the 60’s and 70’s and they truly don’t make ’em like they used to! (b&tb tip: when looking for old furniture always open the drawers and see if there is a dovetail construction, this is imperative in the quality of the piece and will let you know that a)its most likely an older sturdy piece and 2)it will be around even longer!) this was originally a bland beige color with a darker tan trim, sort of a French provincial look. but one of the most important things you must have when looking at used furniture is IMAGINATION! don’t just glance at something and immediately write it off because its not your style. as a teenager when my mother and I would tirelessly be shopping for clothes to fit my awkward “not a junior anymore but not a woman yet” shape, her number one phrase was, “just try it on.” it was annoying at the time but so very true. the same applies here but more in a mental sense, try it on in your brain, thinking about the possibilities that a little sanding, varnish, or paint could do, look beyond the surface. we had this dresser in the shed for a while waiting for the perfect use and finally when we decided to turn a spare room into a his/hers office I realized it would be perfect to hold the printer, paper, and other things as well as be a nice pop of color in the room. but what color? I headed to our trusty local Lowe’s and purveyed their assortment of spray paints. (I prefer Valspar, they have the best coverage, color selection, and a nice comfy grip for your hand) ALWAYS buy more than you need and return what you don’t use, nothing worse than running out of paint mid project. I knew I wanted to do bold black and white stripes in the office and needed a pop of color to go with it. something girly yet masculine. hmm…finally I landed on a nice glossy Kelly green. tomorrow I’ll show you the finished wall and Kelly green DIY wall art too but today we’re focusing on the dresser. so the rest is pretty simple, I carried the dresser outside, gave it a light sanding, wiped it down, and then went to town with the spray paint. (sometimes you may want to replace the old hardware with a new more modern set, that’s a great cheap & easy way to give an old piece a facelift but in this case I loved the Asian inspired bronzed hardware so I kept it!) the result was pretty fabulous. what do you think?


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