it’s not a party without caketinis!!!!


this was by far my best caketini concoction to date. here’s the down side…I didn’t really measure I just poured! But you’re a smart girl (or guy) you can figure it out, and maybe you like yours a little strong or a little weaker, this is your opportunity; no harsh numerical guidelines to stick to. Be free! Ok back to the drink recipe…


Cake vodka
Creme de cocoa
Vanilla cake mix
Powdered sugar

Take a plate and stir a small amount of powdered sugar with a few drops of milk to make a quick icing. Fill other plate with some nonpareil sprinkles. Dip the rim of glass into icing then carefully dip into sprinkles (if you go too fast they will run and the rainbow colors will become a purple mushy mess) Set aside. In a martini shaker with ice add liquid ingredients to your liking as well as a small amount of cake mix. Shake vigorously (this is important to make sure cake mix is incorporated and not lumpy.) Pour into glasses and serve immediately. But before you take a sip don’t forget to Instagram this delicious beauty!


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