vintage glamour


red lipstick makes life better. that is all.


4 thoughts on “vintage glamour

  1. This is perfect for you Lori! You missed your timeline by a few decades. I know that I will enjoy following your blog! We love you

      • Here’s the slush recipe, hope you both enjoy it.
        1 (12oz) can Frozen Lemonade
        1 (12oz) can Frozen Orange Juice
        1 & 1/2 cups Sugar
        2 cups of strong tea ( 2 family size bags in 2 cups of water
        3 cups of Pineapple juice
        4 cups water
        2 cups light Rum
        Mix together in container & place in freezer, stir 3 or 4 times in 12 hour period. Mix as desired with 7up, about 3/4 slush and 1/4 7up. (or as Uncle Herman does it, he just passes the 7up over the top real fast) Enjoy

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