earn your stripes

do you want a bold pattern on your wall but can’t afford wallpaper? do you have a dad with a handy chalk line thingy? then go for a bold horizontal stripe, its much easier than it looks! simply decide what color you want to do and all you need is;

paint (I’m a Valspar girl myself, better quality paint means fewer coats!)
small roller (for cabinets & doors)
touch up brush
blue painters tape
chalk line (or at least a ruler of some sort)
original wall paint for touch ups
and…a dad, that’s pretty useful too šŸ™‚

basically just figure out the width you want your stripe to be and how many you want on the wall. then make an even chalk line across the wall. follow the line with blue painters tape and once secure, run a credit card over the tape to smooth out any air bubbles. paint away! here’s something I learned, I always thought it was better to leave the painters tape on for a long time to let paint fully dry but apparently “they” say its better to pull it off fairly quickly (I don’t remember why but just do it ok) and it worked out well. once dry I just went in with a little touch up brush and CAREFULLY made some little fixes. this may not be as necessary depending on your color scheme but for the bold b&w contrast any mistakes would have stood out like a sore thumb and plagued me every time I walked in the room. so that’s it, some ikea furniture and super cute (black,white,&Kelly green fabric I mean what are the chances?!) 1.99 fabric from ikea as well, plus as a printer station my vintage Kelly green painted dresser that I’ve already featured here, some spraypainted ceiling medallions (that how to is coming tomorrow, stay tuned!) and you have yourself an adorable his & hers office! this was really a very simple project, I hope you try it! IMG_4505





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