Greek Quinoa Salad

Try my Greek quinoa recipe for a healthy and protein packed yet delicious side dish or add some chicken for a complete meal! If you’ve never tried quinoa it is a super food and one of the best things you could eat. Read a little more about it here. The recipe is so simple…

This easily serves 4-6.

1 pkg quinoa (most are apx 8-12 oz)
1 Small carton of cherry/grape tomatoes cut in half
2 cucumbers quartered
Juice of 1 lemon
A few tbs good olive oil
Handful of fresh mint leaves chopped
1 pkg feta cheese
Salt & Pepper

Prepare quinoa according to package directions with either water (or chicken broth for boosted flavor. When cooked. allow quinoa to cool slightly. Combine all ingredients and add lemon juice, olive oil, & salt & pepper to taste. This can be served warm, room temp or even cold the next day, either way it’s delicious!



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