million dollar medallions

get creative with your wall art! the local hardware store is full of things that you can personalize and make your own unique decorative design piece! I decided I wanted something different for the wall in our office that was inexpensive and a god pop of color against the black and white stripes we painted. So I went to Lowe’s and got a ceiling medallion (originally intended for light fixtures and ceiling fans) like this one as well as three other designs I liked. I discovered while I was there that you can also purchase things to go inside the medallion like a picture frame, mirror, or clock. I didn’t get any of those because I wanted the stripoes to show through but I like that I have that option for future projects. So along with my trusty Valspar spraypaint in Kelly green I headed home and laid out an old sheet, four paint cans with the medallions rested on top of them and went to work. They’re plastic so they don’t require any sanding or really any prep work at all. One good coat and some drying time later and I was done! Give it a try, its so simple and nobody else will have anything like it!




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