breakfast for dinner


we have been vacationing in outer banks, North Carolina since I was ten years old and I love it more every year. Next month we are going with 5 other couples and in preparation of that my husband wanted to test some of his breakfast recipes. He gets up every morning and makes breakfast for everybody and he gets really into it so we had a “brinner” party and sampled such delicacies as cream cheese & blueberry stuffed French toast, tomato spinach frittata, maple bacon cheddar deviled eggs, and Denver omelet hash brown cups! I got to use all my bright cheery dishes because breakfast is cheery right? The sun is shining the birds are chirping the orange juice is bright & citrusy (albeit mixing with your freshly brushed toothpaste mouth is not so pleasant…) I love setting the table and theming it out no matter what the occasion. When we were kids my mom had such a plethora of dishes and when we had company she would carefully select the tablecloth, drinking goblets, plates, napkins, etc to fit the theme of the meal. Looking back I’ve come to realize that a) I obviously inherited this from her and b) this was not the norm, most little girls didn’t grow up polishing silver for dinner the next day! But I’m do grateful that was my experience because it made me the hostess I am today, thanks mom!


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