it’s glamourtime- M.C. Glamour


We are nine days (and counting!) away from vacation and as you know, I love a red lip and some accessories to liven up a bathing suit look! When I was a kid, my mother never left the house, even to go to the grocery store, without makeup and AT LEAST a pair of earrings on! She was pretty fabulous and still is, always matching & accessorized with perfectly polished nails (now that I think about it I literally cannot remember a time when I’ve seen her with a chipped nail or peeling polish!) And although I probably do break that rule on occasion, much more than she did, one place I DO wear makeup & jewelry to is the beach! When you look good on the outside you feel better on the inside and there’s no better time to make make yourself feel good than when in a bathing suit in front of a ton of people! So forget that beachy, natural, no makeup look (I mean there’s a time and a place but I feel this isn’t one of them) throw on your retro inspired suit, some wedges, a cute headband or sunhat, some great shades, and of course a red lip because…it’s glamourtime! (you have the hammertime song stuck I’m your head now don’t you?!)


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