one shoulder slam dunk

not always a fan of the one shoulder look (especially since it means wearing a strapless bra…you busty girls know what I mean!) but I was shopping with one of my best friends Angela recently, and came across this at lane bryant and when I tried it on we both fell in love! I was wearing the pants I’m wearing in the picture and let me just tell you something I discovered that day, if you have a go to pair of white jeans, wear them shopping! They go with everything and made everything I tried on look so good! Ok back to my outfit, the best part of all was that when I got to the register the shirt was only $6.98, doesn’t get better than that!!! my only hesitation was that the sleeveless side was on my right arm which has a large burn scar that I’m self conscious about (long story involving pasta water..another day another blog!) but tonight when I put it on upon further examination the front and back were completely the same and there was no tag, merely a logo imprint on the fabric do I turned it around and voila! instant scar cover!

top-lane bryant
pants- Merona for target
shoes- Nine West
earrings- forever 21



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