my beefcake


This man. I love this man. My husband discovered the true definition of “shop till you drop” yesterday and did not complain once. We went to kohl’s, (where this photo was taken…he wouldn’t actually try it on, you can only push someone so far!) old navy, sports authority, the Gainesville mall (and many stores inside of it), trader joes, Walmart, SAMs club, Publix, and finally, target. Oh and four thrift stores one of which he saw and just pulled into the parking lot without me even having to ask! It was a lot even for me and I consider myself to be an expert shopper! We are leaving for vacation Saturday and so I had a list and purpose for each store we went to which I think helped him feel a little better about it all but he truly was a trooper. Is there a greatest husband in the world award? If there is, this guy should get it, and yesterday’s shopping extravaganza was only one of the many reasons why.


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