I’ve been away for a while and decided what better way to welcome myself back to the blog scene using my favorite mug with coffee and a cupcake! (the breakfast of champions of course) normally I wouldn’t suggest having a cupcake for breakfast, and truth be told I I usually don’t even drink coffee in the morning, but this is no ordinary cupcake. This is a yum yum cupcake. Last night we went to our local monthly food truck bazaar and after sampling such delicacies as Vietnamese pork buns, fish and chips, Korean BBQ tacos, and truffle fries we ended our evening with my most favorite truck of all, the yum yum cupcake truck. And of course I was too full to eat my “balled of el churro” cupcake, a cinnamon cake, filled with Dulce de Leche sour cream filling, dipped in cinnamon and sugar and topped with a rich mascarpone buttercream. So what better way to savor it then with a strong cup of Starbuck’s French roast with the beautiful fall light streaming in, my lovely Pyrex collection in the background, and my puppy at my feet. It’s going to be a good day! Tonight I’m making shepherds pie at the hubby’s request, stay tuned!


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