a tad messy but well worth it

remember chalk art? as an adult all that really comes to mind is grating my little fingers against the rough concrete, my foot falling asleep from sitting on the ground in a weird way for too long, and being covered in chalk dust. But I know I loved it as a kid. My nieces were off of school the other day and slept over so we decided to pull something out of the “fun jar” as a special treat. What is the fun jar you ask? It’s an old jar I filled with scraps of paper each one with a fun (and free!!!) activity written on it, like make a tent in the living room, make our own playdoh, climb on top of the car and stargaze, or….do chalk art. So obviously you’ve put two and two together at this point and figured out what they pulled. Playdoh. Ha just kidding, chalk art! It was a lovely day for it too, it’s still pretty hot here in Florida but there’s a nice fall breeze in the air and we stayed out there for hours. The only mistake I made? Letting them draw near the porch and in front of the driveway where we park the car…the butcher came inside with chalk covered shoes and footprints all over the stairs, complaining about the “chalk minefield” we had left outside. But it was worth it and they loved every second of it! What would you put in your fun jar?



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