Lord love a scarf


it’s rainy and humid and yucky today. which means two things for sure; it’s a perfect day to go to the movies, and…I’m going to have a bad hair day. so what better time than today to try out one of my vintage scarves (I recently scored a ton of them for 35 cents a piece at a local thrift shop!!!) and capitalize on my bad hair day/Afro with a 70’s look! And to top it off I added my 70’s forever 21 shades and my most comfortable wide leg jeans from the gap. Off to the movies we go!


4 thoughts on “Lord love a scarf

      • Jared saw it and really liked it! I’m waiting for Thor I love him! Hehe
        Would the scarf headband work for flat straight hair? I feel full curly hair it sits nice.

      • We’re excited for Thor too! This look would absolutely work in your beautiful hair! Maybe just a few bobby pins to hold it in place and you could even tease it a bit at the crown for extra body around the scarf. You should try it!

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