so I discovered this last night and HAD to share it with you. We’ve all had that one pair of jeans that we love but the dang zipper just won’t stay up, right?! Right? If you don’t know what I’m talking about then you’re probably also one of those girls that’s like, “oh, I don’t get cramps.” Nobody wants to hear it, so just nod your head and listen! Ok so anyway, I decided I no longer wanted to live with a dangling practicable (Oscar movie reference) and zipper phobia running my life so I went all lady MacGyver and got to work. I took just a regular sized empty (although maybe I should have left my little plastic diamond on there, it could be the newest trend, fly bling?) key ring and put it through the opening at the bottom of the zipper. Pull the zipper all the way up, put it around the button and then button the fly. And that’s IT! Not only is it completely camouflaged (and if someone CAN see it then they’re way too close and you’ve got a whole other problem on your hands) but it works! It’s secure and stays put so you can walk around with ease and hold your head up high instead of always checking your fly. That rhymed, and you’re welcome.


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