dive in


so I like to paint my nails before I go to bed. Well maybe “like” isn’t the right word, but that’s just usually when it happens (it’s usually on a Saturday night like tonight when the butcher and I are laying in bed talking and laughing about our day and whatever it was that we did with our friends that night) and I glance down at my nails realizing they are chipped and horrible and I can’t go to the meeting tomorrow with them like that. Which is exactly why I keep my trusty “nail polish bin” under the bed, so I can just reach down and grab all I need in one fell swoop. Even though the bin is full of a rainbow of colors I always reach for the same color, because you just can’t go wrong with a classic red nail. My absolute favorite red is OPI’s “Red my fortune cookie”. It’s bright and glossy and I love it. But let’s get back to the heart of the problem, and the reason for this post. Because I like to do my nails before bed, no matter how dry I THINK they are, I inevitably get the dreaded “hair marks” every time. Do you know what I’m talking about? (If not refer to previously mentioned “I don’t get cramps girl” and go find something else to read haha) But I have FINALLY discovered the secret to perfectly dry and glossy nails in no time- SUPER COLD WATER!!! Just fill a bowl with cold water and submerge your freshly painted nails into the water for…basically as long as you can stand it. The water basically freezes the polish into a shellack-like dry state. I can’t fully explain it I mean I’m not a scientist or anything, I just know it works. And no more hair marks!!! So yes it’s a bit unpleasant and yes you may feel like your fingertips are going to fall off but I assure you…it’s worth it! (and I don’t think there’s any danger of frostbite here) so dive in!


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