the perfect pair


this is a great easy craft to display family heirlooms in a cool way. We have inherited several sets of fine silverware throughout our marriage and even though we get them out for special occasions I wanted to find a unique way to show them off. The spoon is from my husbands great grandmother’s silverware and the fork from my great grandfather’s set. All you need is…

12×12 shadow box

12×12 scrapbook paper of your choice with smaller pieces of paper in complementary colors for matting the silverware

The silverware (obviously…or really any other family heirlooms, a pocket watch and glasses or something like that would be cool too)


Craft Tack (if you don’t have this in your life you NEED it, you can use it on everything, just ask my mother in law!) I like this brand.

Clear push pins

Cut the matting paper to the desired size to fit your objects and mat it with as many pages and color/pattern combos as you like. Adhere the silverware to the paper with little pieces of craft tack at the top and bottom, making sure it’s hidden well. Then apply the matted paper to the large scrapbook paper and insert it into the shadow box. Using 4 clear push pins secure them through the paper and into the foam of the box in each corner. And that’s pretty much it, hang it up somewhere and enjoy, it’s a great conversation piece for your guests too!


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