DIY Lunchables!


So we were never allowed to have Lunchables as kids, something about preservatives or them being a waste of money bla bla bla. But I always WANTED them, especially since most of the other kids had them, it just felt cool. So you want to make your kids feel SUPER cool?! Make your own (much healthier) personalized Lunchable! Just grab one of these divided boxes (or in my case, go in your craft room, take out the 3 abandoned embroidery threads and wash it) from your local craft store and fill it with all their favorite goodies! We have our special assembly day tomorrow and baby Jaela (see post “the doctor will see you now”) is sleeping over so I filled it full of boar’s head ham, organic cheddar, pita crisps, grapes, pineapple (her favorite), honey toasted almonds (which are from trader joes and deliciously addictive) , golden raisins, and mini marshmallows! She’s going to love it and…I’m kind of jealous. Next time, adult Lunchables!


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