One angry pup


This is Raven glaring at me after bath time. Does your dog hate bath time as much as ours does? I thought black labs are supposed to love water? Maybe it’s her beagle side that loathes it so. Today her daddy helped and she cried extra hard and pitifully, I think to show off and make him feel REALLY bad, daddy’s aren’t as tough as mom’s in that department! Today was also the first time she tried to attack the hair dryer, literally bite it (which was actually pretty comical and I guess potentially dangerous?) What a scene! But it’s all over now and she smells like roses. Actually she smells better than roses, I’ve never really been a huge fan of the rose’s scent, it’s kind of urine-like to me. So…she smells like hyacinths, that’s better, no flower smells more lovely than the hyacinth. The bow is photoshopped, she would never keep it on her head, but a girl can dream…


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