Baby it’s cold outside!


Want to host a bonfire or outdoor party but not sure what to serve? When it’s chilly out serve chili! We love using our giant blow up movie screen (like this one), plugging in the projector, and having a good old fashioned drive in movie night with our friends and family. Last year we did one in the fall and it was cold (for Florida) so I decided to make a chili bar. Chili is great for a big crowd; it’s inexpensive, can be made ahead, and feeds a lot of people! You can even make a vegetarian option if you have some of those in the crowd. Use brown wrapping paper or butcher paper…I get a free unlimited supply from my personal butcher 😉 as a table cover and use a sharpie to label the different items and give it a cool personalized look. I made three different types of chili and then put out all the fixin’s; sour cream, Fritos, tortilla chips, shredded cheese, avacado, jalapeños, and even hot dogs on the side to make chili dogs! I found these little cups at Target that were the perfect size for people to try all the flavors. I used my favorite vintage beverage crates to display ice cold glass bottles of coke and then my galvanized tubs (like this one from lowes) filled with ice for bottled water, beer, and hard cider. To go with the movie theme I put out a few different flavors of popcorn and fun size candy bars. And to top it all off, using my vintage electric coffee pots, a hot cocoa bar with regular coco, spicy Mexican hot chocolate with Kahlua, and all kinds of yummy toppings. We also had the fire pit roaring outside so I put out marshmallows with roasting sticks and fudge stripe cookies, the absolute best thing to use for s’mores. The party was a hit, can’t wait to do it again this year!


6 thoughts on “Baby it’s cold outside!

  1. You forgot to mention your delicious frozen dollops of whipped cream. They were amazing and definitely worth writing about!

    • Haha you are hilarious and scare me at the same time how similarly we think, I too thought they were worth writing about so much so that I purposely didn’t include them because I’m giving them their own post tomorrow!

  2. Party was a great success! Everyone had a great time. Loved the spicy hot chocolate with the frozen whip cream dollops!

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