That’s my name, don’t wear it out!

What is that expression from and why did my dad always say it when we were growing up? I’m sure if he ever actually remembers to read my blog he’ll give me the exact reference from which it was taken…that’s right Donald, I’m talking to you! Anyway incase you don’t know,my married name is Rao so when my partner in crime and I saw this little decorative fall branch with three wheat hangy things for super cheap at JoAnn’s we knew it would be a perfect autumnal decorative piece and easy to personalize for my three lettered last name! I simply bought plain thin wooden letters, drew chevrons and polka dots (to make it “trendy” like Ang suggested) with a brown marker, accented with gold glitter because I mean come on, EVERYTHING is better with glitter, and hot glued the letters onto the wheat hangy things (I’m sorry I can’t be more technical, I guess they’re actually mini wreaths?) So here’s the final product, I love the way it turned out and I hope it inspires you to personalize something for your home!



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