plates, saucers, and cups, oh my!

So…my dish collection (er…obsession) is becoming pretty extensive. Which I make no apologies for since I literally use each and every piece throughout the year, as many of you can attest to, since I love to entertain. That being said, it’s harder to use everything you have when things are stashed in random cabinets, closets, and Rubbermaid bins under the bed! So I enlisted my always willing (for the most part…he works for meringues though!) and super handy father to build me some shelving in my craft room. Now it’s more of a craft/dish room and it’s just lovely! It was a pretty easy project (which I supervised of course) that only took an afternoon and less than $100. I thought about painting the shelves but decided I liked the unfinished look, it lets the beautiful colors of the dishes shine! The one thing all this has made me realize? I need more pyrex!!!

Here’s the before and after…




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