Berry berry good

So as you know, I love all things vintage, mid century, especially kitchen related. I have a nice collection of vintage cake stands & carriers but there’s one in particular I’ve had my eye on for some time because it’s just so beautiful and unique. Here’s one currently listed on Etsy…

But I couldn’t bring myself to spend the money on it, not when I knew that SOMEDAY I might come across one myself (I feel like eBay is cheating, the hunt is half the fun!) Well my friends, today was that day. The butcher and I were on our way to Orlando for the day and there was an accident causing a big backup on our local highway. Being the super patient man he is….ahem…he decided to cut through the parking lot of some old buildings. Lo and behold right there was a teeny tiny thrift store. He doesn’t even have to ask if I want to go in, he just parks the car and says “be quick please” haha. I walked in the door and the first thing I saw (cue heavenly music ahhhhhhh) was this…

After audibly squealing with delight I instantly examined it for chips; (none!) and ran it up to the counter (picking up along the way an adorable $1 vintage red ceramic cream & sugar set, which I also happen to collect) I didn’t even care what it cost, this thing was going home with me. Imagine my delight then when she rung it up and it only cost….drumroll please…FIVE DOLLARS!!! Now THATS a bargain! In my excitement I made the mistake of telling the butcher how much they go for online. My purpose in doing that was to emphasize what a great deal I got but he, being a man and all, thinks I should sell it to make a huge profit. Sorry buddy, not gonna happen. So now it’s home, safe and sound. The only drawback? Every time I walk past it I think there’s a delicious strawberry cake on the counter waiting to be eaten! Oh well, guess I’ll just have to make one!


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