Thanks Rosie


So I was playing with my new leopard (which I totally consider to be a neutral) scarf and decided to go for a little head wrap look, very Bette Midler as CeCe Bloom in Beaches pre-broadway…(please tell me someone out there knows what I’m talking about!) Anyway, ever notice how when you’re not trying to do something intentionally it looks better then when you spend hours getting ready? Not to mention this was at night after I took my makeup off but hey, with good lighting and a great photo editing app, you too can make your fumbles into fabulousness! I also realized it’s sort of a modern twist to the Rosie the Riveter picture, hence the title of this post and message on the picture. If you don’t know what I’m talking about then look it up, and then go rent Beaches. Anyway, my original intention of the post was for opinions on the head scarf look, can I pull it off? Thoughts?


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