So let’s just be honest here, I’ve completely neglected my blog for quite some time now. However, to my great surprise and delight I’ve actually received some flack (my AutoCorrect seems to not recognize this word which makes me wonder if it is, in fact, a real word or if I just don’t know how to spell…either way I’m keeping it!) about it from my husband, parents, friends, and readers so I am going to make my best effort to be back and be much more diligent! All sorts of bloggable (totally a new word, I’ll be waiting for your call Webster!) things have happened in the past couple of months, and so I have plenty of back material to write about…trips, dinner parties, wonderfully delicious recipes to share, and to my horror I realize I never even shared the slumber party pictures for which I wet your appetite with the lollipop topiary! (that sentence structure seemed way off but I’ll wait to hear from my dad about it later…a TRUE test to see if he really reads my blog) But, for today I’ll simply leave you with a little message that I have as my screen wallpaper to make me smile every day. Until tomorrow, blogosphere! (REALLY autocorrect, THAT word you don’t give me any flack about?)



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