feelin’ groovy

I got my hair cut last Thursday and my stylist at the end of my haircut acted like he may not have time to blow my hair out, he was going to let it air dry, the nerve!!! Perturbed, I said to him, “You better have time to blow it out because I have all my outfits this weekend planned for straight hair!” Seeing his look of confusion I had to explain to him that having straight hair almost gives me a different persona and I feel like it calls for a style of fashion thats definitely more of a vintage look. It’s straight but wavy and flipped out at the bottom so it automatically demands a thick black cat eye and some of my more retro threads. So of course he complied and I went about my week. Sunday I was Jackie-O, Tuesday I was June Cleaver, and today I’m…(really pushing this blowout to the limit and will be washing it tonight) going for a 70’s head wrap vibe with the sunglasses to finish it off. And who doesn’t love leopard?! (Say that last sentence to yourself in your best Long Island accent it will be much funnier). This wrap is from forever 21 and although you may feel a bit silly and out of your comfort zone at first, just give it a try, you’ll look fabulous!


2 thoughts on “feelin’ groovy

  1. Like the hair styles even though I can’t do that and the coat is nice but not my color. There’s no yellow in me xo

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