mug rug

Monday mornings are my most and least favorite. My love of entertaining paired with my chronic fatigue syndrome is a dangerous combination and though I always push myself and make it through our busy (but enjoyable) weekends, by Monday I’m pooped. Not to mention I usually have a lot of cleaning up to do from the weekend, putting away of dishes, moving tables back into place, and the dreaded but necessary washing, folding, and ironing dinner napkins. I know you may think I’m crazy for the dinner napkin thing but let me explain. To me, a dinner isn’t complete without cloth napkins. There’s just something formal and elegant about cloth napkins that is completely unachievable with paper. (Ooh speaking of paper napkins though, stay tuned for tomorrow’s post for a cool and helpful tip regarding them…maybe I should call it TIp Tuesday? No…I don’t like the sound of that. But I love me some good alliteration so maybe I’ll figure something out, I’m open to suggestions!) ok now I’m really getting off track…napkins ok…anyway I have an array of cloth napkins in different colors and textures among some of my favorites are a white set with red hand embroidered shapes my sister made for me. After each dinner they obviously need to be washed and I have found that the best way to make sure I can throw a dinner party with cloth napkins at a moments notice (trust me, it happens) is by immediately (and painstakingly I might add) folding and ironing each one before putting them away. Despite the effort, there’s a sort of satisfaction in it, especially when I throw said impromptu dinner party and can effortlessly pull out my ready pressed napkins for the meal. What I was I talking about before my napkin rant? Oh right, Mondays. So after the cleaning up, the part I like about Mondays comes, relaxation! It’s my day to catch up on sleep, take the dog for a nice walk, map out my meal plan and grocery list for the week, read, study for the next day’s meeting, and make a nice dinner for my hubby. But the best way to start all of this, the reason for the above picture, and the greatest thing about Mondays? A nice cup of coffee (particularly a homemade latte from my beloved nespresso served on the adorable “mug rug” ALSO made by my sister, guess she’s pretty talented huh?) and something yummy for breakfast. I know most peoples Mondays aren’t like mine and for that I am grateful…but no matter what yours is, I hope you enjoy it my friend.


5 thoughts on “mug rug

  1. I love the cloth napkins they’re tough and durable just what you need when enjoying a meal

      • Hi! I just read your post and loved it!! I don’t have a Twitter handle (is @ a Twitter thing? I really need to join/learn Twitter!) but if you just mention The Styletterie and maybe link it to my blog so that people can just click on it, that would be great! Thanks! šŸ˜€ x

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