“b” is for belated…and better late than never…

ok ok I know this is a few days late but better late than never! today what the “B” REALLY stands for is…BLOGGER. As you know I was recently nominated for a liebster award and only fulfilled half of my obligations. I answered the 11 questions asked of me and gave 11 random facts about myself but, until today, didn’t do the other part which is nominating 11 more bloggers and making up my own 11 questions! so here goes…

I’d like to nominate (and congratulate!..and apologize if you have over 200 followers I didn’t really check that part) the following bloggers…(click here for all the rules)
mama makes and bakes

everybody loves pretty

the journal

the not so creative cook

re: retro

food is my happy place

the middlest sister

ice cream magazine

lulu’s musings

bunny kitchen

and last but not least…

pie it forward

and NOW for my 11 questions..(I feel like Mr.Burns tapping his fingers together with his newest evil plan…)

1. how do you spell the color of an elephant and why?

2. do you have an innie or an outie? (this may seem a little personal but it’s always been something that sort of fascinated me..)

3. what was your favorite childhood book?

4. if you could have dinner right now with anyone dead or alive, who would it be?

5. whats your position on cilantro? it’s really a love or hate type of herb…

6. what movie or show can you pretty much quote every single line from?

(I would just like to say at this point that I am running out of questions and am really mad for not writing this earlier when I had some REALLY good questions in my brain)

7. what is your favorite breakfast cereal?

8. why are yawns contagious? seriously, someone please tell me.

9. what is your hidden talent, like if you had to perform on “America’s Got Talent”, what would you do?

10. what motivates you?

11. if you could choose, would you have curly or straight hair? I love and embrace my curls but am always curious about others…

well that’s 11 questions! cant wait to see your answers and please link me in your post so I can read them!


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