“C” and “D” go together like coffee and donuts…

Killing two birds with one stone for my A-Z challenge, “c” and “d” together. There’s nothing like good coffee with a good donut to go with it. But, like, a REAL donut. And by real I mean from a donut shop, even if that shop is a corporate chain it’s still better than the “donuts” that come in a sealed white box, are typically chocolate covered, powdered, and plain…(PLAIN?! Eck), and packed with a million preservatives so they can sit on the shelf for Lord knows how long. I mean obviously donuts (man, I’m really saying donuts an awful lot) in general are terrible for you but, in my opinion, that’s all the more reason to make sure when you DO stuff your face with one, its a good one! So lesson learned, never ask your Grandma to bring donuts to a big breakfast, she will bring the yucky boxed ones and you will inevitably be disappointed. I could take this time to go into a rant about store-bought desserts of any kind but we’ll get into that some other time.

To make sure this post wasn’t a complete waste of your time and since we haven’t said the word “donut” enough yet, anybody remember reading this book as a kid? It’s written by Robert McCloskey and was published in 1943. He is a mild-mannered boy who enjoys fixing radios, and who somehow gets involved in a series of outrageous incidents, such as tending an inexplicably unstoppable donut-making machine in his uncle’s diner, or caring for mystery plants that turn out to be giant form of allergy-inducing ragweed. I read it in school as a kid, it was a great book, and still think of it every time I have a donut.



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