“I” is for I am loved…

Today I received some “happy mail”, a delicious edible arrangement that was completely unexpected and yet totally necessary. This lovely gesture along with it’s sentiment paired with all of the love and support I received after yesterday’s post via comments, emails, and texts (seriously I can’t thank all of you enough, it cheered both of us up so very much) made me realize a few things…
1. People are actually reading my blog! Friends of mine that I had no idea even knew I had a blog, devoted family members that get in trouble if they don’t read it, and total strangers who for some crazy reason, enjoy reading about my life!
2. Sometimes you have a friend that you haven’t seen or even spoken to in quite a while and maybe you’ve drifted apart or let stupid things get in the way but then they do something to show they care and remind you why you loved them in the first place.
3. When God created chocolate and fruit he just meant for them to go together, I know it.
4. Tomorrow really is always another day and today was so much better than yesterday.
And finally, the fifth thing I realized and am truly so grateful for is this, I am loved.


2 thoughts on ““I” is for I am loved…

  1. Oh you two, so sorry to hear of your pain after reading yesterday’s blog! You both have giant hearts so when they are breaking it makes me very sad. Wish I could somehow “fix” this for you, but, knowing that I can’t, be assured that I love you both and you’re in my prayers.

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