“J” is for just perfect!

Today’s weather is “literally” (said in my best Rob Lowe parks & rec voice) perfection. What’s your idea of the perfect day weather wise? (Whenever I say “weather wise ” I instantly hear Frank Sinatra or Michael Bublé singing in my head, “weather wise it’s such a lovely day” from “Come Fly with Me“) One of my most favorite things about living in Florida is the weather, especially when it’s beautiful here and I know it’s still cold and yucky up in Pennsylvania where I’m from. To me, the perfect day weather wise is when it’s warm enough to swim but cool enough to walk around without breaking a sweat, which is about 75°, sunny, with a slight breeze; and that’s exactly what today is! It is such a beautiful day out and it was the perfect day to enjoy our local farmers market get some produce some delicious kettle corn and some much-needed fresh air and exerciser to clear my head! Whatever the weather may be where you are, I hope it too, is “just perfect”.


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