“M” is for…My outfit!

Ever have one of those dresses or outfits that you were SO excited to wear and just made you feel so special and beautiful when you put it on? Sometimes unfortunately for plus sized ladies those may be fewer and bar between than some girls. But no matter what your size, with a little effort and patient shopping, you can have a closet full of those special outfits! I’ve mentioned before how much I love Ross for it’s pretty and inexpensive dresses but this find put my love for that store over the top! You know I love a good vintage inspired look so I instantly fell in love with this high waisted button down polka dot 50’s shirt dress with a Peter Pan collar! I loved it so much I got it in the navy polka dots you see here and a black with large white polka dots (stay tuned!). This dress is especially great for me because the tea length is modest and flattering, the high waist and a-line skirt helps emphasize my hourglass shape, minimizes my bust (as much as humanly possible that is haha), and makes my waist look tiny…ish. And plus sized ladies-don’t be afraid of belts, they are your friend, I promise! To complete my 50’s look though, I knew what I needed to do. After a little online shopping and price comparisons, I found the perfect tea length crinoline slip/petticoat on eBay to give me the poof I needed. A winged cat eye, some red lipstick and heels, and voila the perfect (for me) vintage inspired 50’s housewife look!
*photo credit goes to the loveliest redhead I know 😉




6 thoughts on ““M” is for…My outfit!

  1. beautiful as always!!!   Thank you, Ginger Schochler Cell 918.260.5767 Fax 918.367.9553 82 Weatherwood Way Bristow, Ok. 74010


  2. I really appreciate your fashion tips especially being plus sized myself and not having an eye for fashion, it’s easier if someone just tells/shows me what to do!!! Lol so keep these fashion tips coming ’cause I need them!

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