“P” is for…Polka dots!!!

I am so excited to talk you about my latest online find. It’s a clothing site called Gwynnie Bee that specializes in sizes 10 and up and has the most adorable dresses, skirts, tops, and pants. The best part though? You rent them! It’s basically like Netflix for clothes but better; you build a closet with all the items you want to try (you can even put the same item in different sizes just incase) they ship you your items (starting from 1 to 10 items out at a time depending on the plan you choose) for FREE and super fast, you get them, wear them, and send them back (in the included prepaid shipping package) and wait for your next shipment, that’s it! No dry cleaning, no nothing. Oh wait it gets even better, if you really love an item and can’t part with it, you can buy it at a discount!!!! Right now I’m enjoying my free one month trial buuuuut….unfortunately I don’t think my wallet will allow for me to continue. SO…what I’m hoping is that the lovely Gwynnie Bee will give me a complementary membership so I can share all my looks with you and advertise for them! Please say yes Gwynn! (I feel like we’re already at a nickname level friendship šŸ˜‰ I hope it works out and I’ll keep all you readers posted! In the meantime, here’s one of my favorite looks I’ve gotten so far…

“Kate” dress in navy dots by Cherry Velvet





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