“Q” is for..QVC Queen

20100319 (46)My mother is THE QVC Queen. I’m serious. Here are 11 facts that will help you to also come to this conclusion:
1. When I was little I used to sneak downstairs in the middle of the night when I was supposed to be in bed and hide behind the couch to watch TV. Unfortunately it was never anything super interesting, it was always just mom, watching QVC. I knew then there was a real addiction happening. I would also like to sidestep for a moment here to point out the fact that years later although she claims to have “known I was there all along”, don’t you think if she REALLY knew I was there, she would have made me go back to bed?! Therefore I think she’s making it up and I was successfully sneaky.
2. One time dad bought her a bracelet for their anniversary and she already had it. Literally one bracelet out of the millions of bracelets in the world and she already had it. So what does that say about her jewelry collection?!
3. It was a weird day to get the mail and NOT see a small brown package with the QVC stamp on it in the mailbox.
4. Mom has always loved a good bargain, and QVC really does have some good bargains. I’m not saying she’s a shopaholic…but I’m also not saying she isn’t.
5. When my sister and I wanted to plan a special outing to spend the day with mom, we took her out to lunch and then to the QVC headquarters in Pennsylvania. We got to tour the sets, see them filming, and shop in the QVC shop, she was in her glory.

20080524 (9)

20080524 (11)20080524 (12)

6. She knows all of the hosts by first and last name, how long they’ve been on the show, and also weird facts like, “the creator of bareMinerals is best friends with the host Lisa Robertson and she stays at her house when they have a bareMinerals show.”
7. Auto ship has made her a hoarder.
8. She has an internal catalog of every single piece of jewelry she owns and when one is missing or you borrow something she knows exactly what you have, it’s like some sort of mental jewelry Blockbuster.
9. Whenever my friends would come over I knew they were really secretly coming to borrow jewelry from my mom; especially if there was a convention, wedding, or formal party happening.
10. She denies having as much jewelry as she really has which is always a sure sign of someone that has a problem, DENIAL.
11. It’s not just jewelry, her mattress, pillows, hangers, makeup, skin care, hair products, clothes, home decor, garden hoses, and electronics are ALL from QVC. The scariest part of all, most of mine are too!!!!






4 thoughts on ““Q” is for..QVC Queen

  1. My Mommom, Dad’s side, was the same for years and years. I was sent to the front door daily to retrieve packages. Clothes, jewelry, most of our toys, collectible items… She also knew all the host names and yes, I too, have taken the tour.

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