“R” is for…Red or Yellow???

So my dad, always looking out for his little blogger, found this gem that someone was getting rid of and brought it over in his truck the other day. I have big plans for it and it fits perfectly in several little nooks of my kitchen/dining area, just not sure where yet. I’m going to sand it, paint it, and put new hardware on it. I’d be doing that today if it wasn’t raining out, stupid rain always thwarts my plans! (now I hear dad’s voice in my head, “but we NEED the rain!”) Anyway I jut can’t decide what color to paint it. You’ve seen my house, really any bright, high gloss color would match.

So my main dilemma that I need your help with is…RED OR YELLOW? Help!


12 thoughts on ““R” is for…Red or Yellow???

  1. Yellow. You have lots of yellow. But either will work. My first inclination was red. I just looked at the pic and saw you actually have a lot of yellow and I think a sunny yellow would look great. Kisses

    Ginger Schochler


  2. I like the little red carpet and am voting for red, especially since your Aunt Ginger said you already have a lot of yellow and the letter of the day IS R, just saying…

  3. First off, I would just like to say that I cannot believe I am “blogging” right now, (I don’t even read Pyrex or animal related blogs, so u know this has to be a good blog if I’m taking the time to read it, not to mention the fact that I love u)! 😘
    Second of all, I love the weekly wrap up! I think it’s very cute and nicely done!
    Now with all that said, I would like to place my vote on Red. I think it would go really well with the chair that u painted and would also Explode with color off of the bright auqua wall…plus it’s your favorite color! 💋

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