“T” is for Tee Tee

When you were growing up, did you have that one super fun adult in your life who you were always so excited to see because you knew you would have the best time, get totally spoiled with ice cream and presents, and never want to go back home?! No? Me either. I mean there were people I loved and had fun with but unfortunately since we didn’t live around much family and didn’t have normal grandparents, I didn’t really have that. And that’s ok, I still loved my childhood and my parents did plenty of spoiling, my point is that having that person in your life is rare. But that’s what my mother-in-law, or Tee Tee as all the kids call her, is. They can always count on her for a crazy story to tell later (like, “Tee Tee left the car running and forgot about it” or “Tee Tee got purple shirt day and pajama day mixed up at school and sent me in my pj’s”), lots of love, hugs, and kisses, ice cream with sprinkles, and a good trip to the dollar store for all sorts of useless but fun goodies. Even with little Jaela, a friends baby that we steal as much as possible, she brings her presents and loves her like a grandma. And it doesn’t stop with the little kids, the butcher somehow miraculously always has cash in his wallet and I recently discovered it’s because his mother sneaks little bills here and there whenever she sees him, which I think is adorable. Her father passed away before my husband was born but his memory lives on in her and her fun generosity with the kids (little and big kids haha) is a major way she shows that. He used to always say to her, “I think I owe you money don’t I?” Just as an excuse to give her a little something. When I look at her and all of our parents, it brings tears to my eyes to think of what amazing grandparents they all would be and what a shame it would be for a child to miss out on these four amazing humans. But no matter what happens, the children that ARE around them are benefiting big time and are so fortunate because not everybody has a Tee Tee in their life.


4 thoughts on ““T” is for Tee Tee

  1. I think we all love “Tee Tee” 😘. Haven’t fully learned to navigate your blog. It took three attempts to leave this comment – kept hitting “Done” before I was done. It was Becca’s “shout out” that me to try again – I’m so technologically impaired. 😜. I just loved this – we Mother-in-laws are the butt of too many bad jokes. This was refreshing.

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