“U” is for…under the weather

so I’ve been away for a couple of days for two reasons;
1) I’ve been a little ahead (mainly because I forgot you’re supposed to take Sundays off for the days to correspond correctly) on the A-Z challenge and wanted to catch up so I end with “Z” on the last day
2) I’ve been a bit under the weather, think I may have a little 24 hour stomach bug or something.
Which brings me to today’s post, my “tummy tea”. When I have a little bug or worse, the flu, and can’t keep anything down or even just an upset stomach, this is my “go to” drink. No matter how nauseous I may be, this always settles (and stays in) my stomach. Just 3 simple ingredients; water, honey, and fresh mint (even better if it’s from your parents garden). Boil them on the stove, steep, and then sip hot or cold, either way is delicious!


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