“Z” is for…Zillions of pins

Well, it’s the last day of the month and hence the last day of Beauty and The Butcher’s A-Z blogging challenge. I really enjoyed myself as I hope you did as well. I like the idea of having a sort of theme for the month, it helped me stay regular with my writing and got the creative juices flowing. As I browsed through Pinterest last night (the same thing I do every night Pinky) I realized just how many zillions of pins I have….

Ok 3000 to be exact but that may as well be zillions. (Is zillions even a real measure of counting, does money really go to the zillions? I feel like this is something I should know the answer to and now you’re silently mocking me…) So this realization inspired me for not only today’s “Z” post (because let’s face it that’s a pretty tough letter) but also for my blogging project for May. What’s the use of all these pins if I don’t actually bring some of them to fruition?! {Also at this point in time if you still don’t know what Pinterest is, it’s ok don’t panic. Sloooowly lift up the rock you’ve been living under and check it out! It’s amazing (ly addictive) and can be really useful. And while you’re checking it out, find me and follow me so you can see what I’m pinning and vice versa!} I’m sick of the “pin now, do later” approach! I remember hearing a professional organizer on tv once say that the worst word we can ever use, is “later”. Putting things off leads to a lack of organization or in this case, a lack of action. When my niece Mahal was little (she’s still little but since she’s 10 now it seems like a lifetime ago that she was truly “little”) probably about 4, her favorite expression was, “maybe tomorrow”. No matter what it was, Mahal can you please pick up your toys, Mahal do you want to eat dinner, Mahal it’s time for bed…her answer was always the same, in the cutest little voice, “maybe tomorrow”. It was a phase she went through and a cunning way she had contrived to get out out of doing something she didn’t want to do. In light of that, I have decided to call this month “MAYbe Tomorrow” (get it?!) and each week I will do at least one Pinterest related project and try to work through some of my zillions of pins and hopefully show you some great stuff as well! Stay tuned!



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