That’s My Jam

In my opinion, there’s nothing better than a good ‘ol BLT. The savory saltiness from the bacon, the light crunch from the lettuce, the juicy freshness of a ripe tomato, tiny tang of mayo, all sandwiched between two slices of a carbohydrate lover’s dream, lightly toasted of course. But I felt the BLT could be improved just a teensy bit more. I know, I know, I sound crazy. But hear me out. What’s the secret to the deliciousness of kettle corn, chocolate covered pretzels, and sea salt caramels? It’s the combination of sweet and savory! So although the BLT is deliciously savory, it’s a bit lacking in the sweet department. But after being inspired by a jar of tomato jam at our local farmers market, I decided it would be the perfect extra touch to the sandwich and set off to making my own batch. Before we get too much further into the details, let’s discuss this whole jam thing. What’s a jam and what’s a jelly? I mean botanically speaking, a jelly is based with fruit juices– no seeds or pulp. A jam would be the opposite, having seeds and/or pulp. (join me in going “yuck” to pulp, in OJ at least…) Since we all know (right?) that a tomato is technically a fruit and not a vegetable (should we petition for an aisle change at the grocery store?!), and we know that they certainly have seeds, of which we will be leaving in our concoction, we will call this a jam…of sorts, even though Aunt Della (the lady who’s recipe I used, which you can find here) calls it “tomato preserves”. I made a small batch (using the yummy tomatoes and lemons from the local farmers market) but you can adjust the serving size on the website and make a whole gallon if you want to! After that it’s time to prepare your sandwich, including a small dollop of daisy…er I mean jam, and enjoy!



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