The best kind of vintage…

As an avid “thrifter” (also”crafter”, that’s just for you da😉) and vintage collector, I know that for something to truly be “vintage”, it has to be at least twenty years old. This past weekend I had the privilege of spending time with two of my most precious vintage finds, old friends. Unfortunately as we grow older, it seems difficult to hold onto old friends. Sometimes we grow apart, and sometimes it’s just a matter of distance and life getting in the way. It’s truly rare and special to be able to say, “We’ve been friends for twenty years” or to have been “childhood friends”. Even though we’re not always the greatest at keeping in touch (I accept full blame for this!) these two friends in particular, who both live in different states, were bridesmaids in my wedding, and lead very busy lives, hold an extremely special place in my heart and no matter how much time passes we’re always able to pick up right where we left off. Jackie and I share a love of crafts and photography and Stephanie and I love to laugh and catch up on the latest goings on (that’s code for gossip haha). It’s interesting to note that an antique is different than a vintage item. For something to be antique, it has to be over 100 years old. I know we’ll get there someday too! But I’m already feeling old as it is so for now I’ll conclude by saying, as much as I love to find a beautiful vintage pyrex bowl at an amazing price, there’s no better vintage prize for me than my dear old friends.




3 thoughts on “The best kind of vintage…

  1. This is so sweet! You are and always will be one of my dearest “vintage” friends. You always amaze me with your generosity and hospitality. love you so much!

  2. As you know I read this long ago but I am horrible at keeping up, tonight is my catch up night and I had to look at this again & smile. So happy to be ” vintage” to you and so happy after all these years to have such a wonderful friend , thanks for all your caring thoughts love you

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