mind blowing

My friends and family members are my biggest fans when it comes to my blog and to show my appreciation I often try to take them seriously when we’re discussing something and they say, “blog about it!” Last night was one of those times, my husband and I were grabbing a quick bite at Chipotle (let’s say it together people…CHIP-OAT-LAY) and before starting to eat my delicious burrito bowl, I took the bag of fresh tortilla chips and ripped the top off for easy access. This was “mind blowing” to my husband as if I were some sort of inventive genius showing him electricity for the first time. “Doesn’t everyone do this?” I asked. I mean think about, even for the occasional potato chip, they never fill the bag up all the way so you end up sticking your hand all the way into the bag, unable to see what’s inside, only to emerge with a forearm full of grease (and an artery full of it as well but we won’t get into that right now). This way, you can see the chips inside as you’ve created a makeshift bowl of sorts, and your arm is grease free! Like I said, I didn’t think was the most mind blowing bloggable thing but hey, when my #1 fan tells me, “blog it!”, I gotta do it.


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