Hawaii in a glass…


First, as a disclaimer, I have never been to Hawaii so when I say this drink is “Hawaii in a glass”, this is based on my assumption of what I feel Hawaii most definitely MUST taste like. Sweet, tropical, and delicious. Have you tried Trader Joe’s Strawberry lemonade? It’s simple divine and adequately yummy all on it’s own, but I decided to doctor it up the other day for a summery cocktail treat. Here’s where it gets really technical…except not really at all because I have no measurements for you. I know I know most bloggers have tablespoons or “1 part this, 2 parts that” for drinks but I just poured and mixed so go with it! Here’s what I mixed into my delightful concoction…

Fill glass mostly full of strawberry lemonade
Generous splash of vodka
Little splash limoncello (hopefully you know what limoncello is, it really deserves it’s own post so stay tuned…plus I now have two bottles of it in my freezer thanks to my dear friend who gave me some as a hostess gift)
Squeeze of fresh lime juice
and a little tonic for some fizz and to cut the sweetness.
So simple and sooooo delicious!


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