The Crinoline Dilemma

When I was a little girl, nothing made me feel more utterly girly than a fully lined poofy dress. The key to that poofiness? Crinoline. And the great news is that it’s not just for little girls. I’m kind of obsessed with my crinoline slip which I purchased here on eBay, check out this eBay store, they have all sorts of cool items for weddings, parties, etc with extremely reasonable pricing. You know I’m a sucker for anything vintage, especially midcentury 50’s-60’s so of course a poofy skirt and a cinched waist is just the ticket for that look. You’ve seen me wear the slip in other posts like this one and I’m absolutely in love with it. Which brings me to the title of today’s post, the Crinoline Dilemma. You see, I love the way it looks so much that every dress I put on now with a regular skirt just looks hum drum and ordinary. I literally put something on, look in the mirror, think bla, then go add my crinoline and ding ding ding! It’s contagious too, I recently got a message from my friend Ashley who had a floor length crinoline slip from a formal gown that she was inspired by my blog to repurpose into a fabulous new look! Check it out…

Even if it is sometimes extremely itchy (spanx help), crinoline really does making everything better! So here’s my most recent dress purchase (you can buy it here but I got it for way less thanks to some great in-store sales plus coupons!) and dilemma, to crinoline or not to crinoline??!!

You see how the second look transports you right to another era? The slip expands the pattern so you can see the full beauty of the dress and something else I noticed by comparing these two pictures is how the width from the crinoline not only makes my waist look smaller but also balances me out from top to bottom whereas in the first picture I look more top heavy (which is bound to happen with those things! But like my mother in law says, “they’re attached so I have to bring them with me!”) This is one of my potential convention dresses next month so please help me to solve…dum dum duuuuum (perry mason music)…the crinoline dilemma!


7 thoughts on “The Crinoline Dilemma

  1. Just found your blog via our friend Gwynn (as in: iebee 😉 and have been silently trolling enjoying your beautiful blog. Silent, that is, until “they’re attached so I have to bring them with me,” at which point I became a full fledged follower. 😀 so funny! You are gorgeous and you style beautifully! This dress is awesome with and without crinoline, but I say go with the crinoline when you can be a little more playful, and go without when it’s a more serious, or “sexy” mood. Love them both!

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