Perhaps Cyndi Lauper comes to mind, or even the popular Beastie Boys song but I’m not referring to either of those, the girls I’m referring to are of the Gilmore variety. Suffering off season withdrawal from one of my other favorite Lauren Graham shows, Parenthood, I resorted back to old habits and decided to watch some of my favorite Gilmore Girls episodes. Wouldn’t it be nice if life were like your favorite show, where you could skip around and fast forward through all the stupid Logan Hunsbergers, side of the road sanitation details, life ruining hair DNA science projects, and lawyer boyfriends suing your dad type situations? If you know what I’m talking about then you’re a true Gilmore Girl. Check out my friends blog, lemon hearted, she recently wrote a great Gilmore Girls post which, coupled with my recent marathon, got my creative juices flowing to write this. I found this picture which reminded me again of real life, sometimes you look at pictures and think how much better or different life would have been if certain things, situations, or certain people hadn’t happened.

All the important players are there (I still think she should have ended up with Jess, I mean their literary chemistry alone was enough to convince me but I digress) Kirk, Miss Patty, even the man we love to hate but secretly love, Michele, without stupid Zach, Logan, Lindsey, or even Jackson for that matter (I know he was nice but he just annoyed me) there to mess things up. Did you know Paris is from Lansdale, Pa? I always thought that was pretty cool since I grew up around there. And my mom actually wanted to name me Lorelei (how cool would that have been?!) but dad veto’d it. So that’s as far as my six degrees of separation from Gilmore girls goes but those fast talking, coffee drinking, pop culture referencing girls will always have a special place in my heart…and my phone, thanks to my Carol King ringtone! “Where you lead, I will follow….”


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