DIY Chinese Take Out

I decided to do another recipe for my “MAYbe Tomorrow” Pinterest Challenge because when I saw this simple and delicious looking Mongolian beef on Kelly Senyel’s blog, Just a Taste, I HAD to try it. Well, it did NOT disappoint. I made a few changes like less brown sugar and of course flat iron instead of the suggested flank steak. (Read my mini write up here on the butcher’s best kept secret, flat iron steak!) The final result was delicious and a big hit with the butcher, my most captive audience. Next time, (and there will be a next time since he’s already requested I make it again) I will make a couple more adjustments like brown rice, (this was kind of last minute and I only had white rice on hand) less soy sauce & more water (it was a little too salty for me even with the reduced sodium soy sauce) and I’ll add more vegetables to make it a more health friendly stir fry. With easy recipes like this, who needs to order takeout?!


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