Killing me softly…with TV

Well summertime is almost upon us. Actually here in Florida, it’s pretty much here. With this glorious season comes busy schedules, graduation parties & weddings, conventions, swimming, and evenings on the patio under the stars. It also brings a hiatus of all our favorite shows. So the butcher and I decided to take the plunge and cancel cable for the summer (for a start, my hope is that we’ll enjoy it so much it lasts longer than that!) Not having that bill will save a little extra money especially since we’ll hardly be home anyway. I know we probably don’t watch as much television as the average American but we definitely watch more than we should. For some of you who already don’t have cable this may seem like no big deal but for my ESPN loving husband and my HGTV,Food Network, and BRAVO addictions…it’s going to be an adjustment. Apparently, it’s somewhat of a craze, fad, what have you, and a slogan has even been coined, “Kill Your TV!” I know it will be good for us. Less TV time means maybe I’ll start to actually sew on my shiny beautiful (and lonely) singer machine, (why am I so afraid?!) more time to get off our butts and move, read the Bible, and all sorts of other things. 174,203 things to be exact. At least according to this website I found. breaks the activities up into 7 helpful categories;
1. Improve your Training Performance
2. Improve your Sleep
3. Improve your Nutrition
4. Improve your Family Time
5. Improve your Household
6. Improve your Fun & Play
7. Improve YOU
We may not be able to tackle all 174,203 things (it’s actually more like 100, the website exaggerated a bit), but I’m excited to try!


3 thoughts on “Killing me softly…with TV

  1. We have netflix and Hulu but we have never had cable our entire married life and I wouldn’t change it for the world. We still watch more than I would like but having little man around is good motivation to get out and do stuff instead of being couch potatoes 🙂

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