DIY Personalized Puppy Bowl

So I know the blog has been a little bleak this week (due to some unavoidable family drama and our new patio getting poured!) but I’m back! A while back I found this cute wooden dog bowl holder at home goods on clearance for $10! It was kind of an ugly sage green color but I had high hopes for it. Since it is a necessary permanent fixture in our kitchen (due to raven’s need to eat and drink) I decided to make it match the decor. So I perused my collection of spray paints used for different projects and picked a lovely turquoise to coordinate with my dining room focus wall. A few coats later (along with some clear lacquer to deal the deal) and a little hand-painted red lettering (not my finest lettering job but it’ll do) and voila! DIY Doggy bowl!

See how nicely it goes with the room? Even though she doesn’t look it, I think Raven was pretty excited too…



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